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Ebook Grocery Retail Playbook How To Win In The Omni Grocery World Card

Grocery Retail Playbook: How to Win in the Omni-Grocery World

Times are not changing; they have already changed. Today, serving the omni-customer in the best way possible requires grocery retailers to look at everything through an omni-channel lens, increase their data and analytics capabilities, and re-engineer their supply chain.

Bill Franks Interview Video Card

Game-changers in Retail: An Interview with Bill Franks, Director, Center for Statistics and Analytics Research, KSU and Chief Analytics Officer, IIA

We asked Bill Frank's opinion on how retailers can take advantage of advanced analytics across their entire supply chain and use data to gain a competitive advantage.

Podcast AI Powered Advanced Analytics Card

AI-powered Advanced Analytics for Better Pricing, Supply Chain and Merchandising Decisions for Retailers

The retail industry is constantly evolving and becoming more customer-centric to meet the demand of omni-channel customers. That also means inventory optimization is taking center stage.

RP Variety And Inventory Trade Off In Retailing Card
Research Paper

Research paper: Variety and Inventory Trade-off in Retailing: An Empirical Study

Identifying the right level of variety and associated inventory has been an open question in both the retail industry and academia for a long time.

RP The Future Of Retail Operations Card
Research Paper

Research paper: The Future of Retail Operations

The future of retail is very exciting. As the forces of technology, competition, and new business models shape the retail landscape, pivotal questions are on the minds of all participants in the industry, including investors, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and academics.

RP Omnichannel Assortment Planning Card
Research Paper

Research Paper: Omnichannel Assortment Planning

In today’s omnichannel environment consumers increasingly interact with assortments of the same firm across different touchpoints.

NRF2022 Video Card

Meet Invent Analytics at NRF 2022!

Are you attending NRF2022? Meet omnichannel retail inventory and price optimization solutions provider, Invent Analytics in NYC.