Ready to profit-optimize your retail planning? Meet us at Shoptalk on MAR 26-29! Learn More.

Ready to profit-optimize your retail planning? Meet us at Shoptalk on MAR 26-29! Learn More.


Get the latest insights and learn more about trends and best practices in retail planning.

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Infographic Why

Infographic: 6 Reasons Why Retailers Trust Us

Download this infographic to learn more about why retailers trust us to help them succeed.

Infographic Migros

Case Study Infographic: Migros

Download the infographic to find out how Migros managed to increase stock availability and reduce inventory days.

Infographic Flo

Case Study Infographic: FLO

Download the infographic to find out how FLO maximized availability, reduced lost sales and improved net profit.

Infographic Mavi

Case Study Infographic: Mavi

Download the infographic to find out how Mavi increased availability, reduced lost sales, and maximized profitability.

fiba retail infographic card

Case Study Infographic: Fiba Retail Group

Download the infographic to find out how Fiba Retail Group accelerates its demand forecasting and inventory planning capabilities.

Knowledge Card Demand Forecasting Guide

Demand Forecasting: A Pocket Guide for Retailers

Download this free pocket guide to find out what demand forecasting is in retail industry and what retailers need to do to create better forecasts.


How to Forecast Demand Accurately: A Pocket Guide for Fashion Retailers

Download this free pocket guide to find out 6 commonly used methods to forecast demand for new items and how to generate more accurate forecasts.


Dark Stores: A Pocket Guide for Grocery Retailers

Download this free pocket guide to find out what a dark store is and the challenges of running dark stores from an inventory planning perspective.


A Retailer’s Guide for Returns Forecasting

Download this free pocket guide to find out what to do about return problem and why retailers need return forecasting.


Finding Optimal Inventory Balance: How to Reduce Inventory and Lost Sales

Download this free pocket guide to find out how retailers can increase their inventory planning capabilities and how to reduce lost sales and inventory holding costs.


Pre-Season Planning: Why Successful Inventory Optimization is Vital in Fashion Retail

Download this free pocket guide to find out 4 efficient ways for fashion retailers to help them to see pre-season planning and successful next season planning tips for retailers.

Gamechanger Report Card
Special Report

Special Report: The Future of Grocery Retail Planning

Download this special report to discover omni-channel retail planning, inventory optimization trends and predictions.

Earth Day 2022 Guide - Card

Earth Day 2022: How to Reduce Fresh Food Waste

Download this free pocket guide to find out how to address the food waste problem and prevent it.

IA Conversations-podcast card

Invent Analytics Conversations Podcast: The Future of Inventory Optimization

In this episode, we welcome our CEO, Gurhan Kok, where he talks about retail planning predictions, omni-channel inventory optimization challenges, and opportunities in the new world of retail.

FLO Testimonial Card

Customer Testimonial: Burak Ovunc, CEO of FLO - One of Europe’s Largest Footwear Retailers

Watch FLO’s CEO Burak Ovunc’s video to find out about how FLO reduced lost sales by 12%.

Company Video Card (1)

Retail Planning Solutions for a Profit-Optimized Future

In the new world of retail, omni-channel has become the gold standard for success. At Invent Analytics, we empower our retail clients to deliver the omni-channel promise and embrace an end-to-end approach to their planning strategy and execution.

Highlights From RILA Card

Highlights from RILA LINK2022: The Retail Supply Chain Conference

An Interview with our CEO: Highlights from RILA LINK2022, The Retail Supply Chain Conference

Fashion Ebook Card

Fashion Retail Planning: Build Your 2022 Roadmap to Omni-Channel Excellence

As we look ahead to 2022, we created this eBook to help fashion retail industry leaders understand the key dynamics that will impact their planning strategies and provide actionable insights to help them plan and build their roadmap for the next year.

2022 Trends David Video Card

Trends and Predictions for Retailers in 2022

What will 2022 look like for the retail industry?

What are the key planning predictions for 2022 that retailers should be aware of now?

What are the top planning trends to expect in 2022?

Podcast Justin Honaman Card

Invent Analytics Conversations: The Future of Omni-Channel Grocery Retail

In this The Future of Omni-Channel Grocery Retail podcast, Prof. Gurhan Kok and Justin Honaman get together and answer some fundamental questions that are on grocery retailers’ agenda.

Ebook Grocery Retail Playbook How To Win In The Omni Grocery World Card

Grocery Retail Playbook: How to Win in the Omni-Grocery World

Times are not changing; they have already changed. Today, serving the omni-customer in the best way possible requires grocery retailers to look at everything through an omni-channel lens, increase their data and analytics capabilities, and re-engineer their supply chain.

Bill Franks Interview Video Card

How Can Retailers Take Advantage of Advanced Analytics Across Their Entire Supply Chains?

We asked Bill Frank's opinion on how retailers can take advantage of advanced analytics across their entire supply chain and use data to gain a competitive advantage.

Podcast AI Powered Advanced Analytics Card

AI-powered Advanced Analytics for Better Pricing, Supply Chain and Merchandising Decisions for Retailers

The retail industry is constantly evolving and becoming more customer-centric to meet the demand of omni-channel customers. That also means inventory optimization is taking center stage.

RP Variety And Inventory Trade Off In Retailing Card
Research Paper

Research Paper: Variety and Inventory Trade-off in Retailing: An Empirical Study

Identifying the right level of variety and associated inventory has been an open question in both the retail industry and academia for a long time.

RP The Future Of Retail Operations Card
Research Paper

Research Paper: The Future of Retail Operations

The future of retail is very exciting. As the forces of technology, competition, and new business models shape the retail landscape, pivotal questions are on the minds of all participants in the industry, including investors, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and academics.

RP Omnichannel Assortment Planning Card
Research Paper

Research Paper: Omnichannel Assortment Planning

In today’s omnichannel environment consumers increasingly interact with assortments of the same firm across different touchpoints.

NRF2022 Video Card

Meet Invent Analytics at NRF 2022!

Are you attending NRF2022? Meet omnichannel retail inventory and price optimization solutions provider, Invent Analytics in NYC.

Research Paper Repairable Spare Parts Card
Research Paper

Research Paper: Stockout Risk Estimation and Expediting for Repairable Spare Parts

This research paper written by Prof. Gurhan Kok, Asst. Prof. Mustafa Hekimoglu and Mustafa Şahin focuses on developing an advance stockout risk estimation system for repairable spare parts.