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Register for our exclusive webinar, "Seasonal Success with Weather-Driven Retail Strategies," with Planalytics here!

Store and DC Replenishment Optimization

Maximize inventory turns and availability with profit-optimized inventory replenishment decisions

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Omni Store And DC Replenishment Optimization 2
Omni-Store and DC Replenishment

Store & DC Replenishment Optimization

Replenishment solutions with the service-level frameworks are built for the old world of retail. They can no longer help retailers manage the complexity of the omni-channel world. Only a profit-optimizing replenishment solution holds the key to win in an omni-channel future.

Our Store and DC Replenishment Optimization solution frees you from the continuous parameter setting and calibrations. It upgrades inventory decisions from a judgment-driven, KPI-measured process to a financial optimization-driven and measured process.

Store and DC Replenishment Optimization accelerates your replenishment capabilities, enabling you to make profit-optimized inventory decisions every day. Now you can deliver superior customer service while squeezing every last basis point of margin from your business.

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Why use Store and DC Replenishment?

Omni Demand And Omni Fulfillment Act As 2

Omni-channel demand and omni-channel fulfillment act as your replenishment backbone

  • Use AI-powered forecasting to achieve highly accurate forecasts at the levels of granularity
  • Take advantage of demand sensing and probabilistic forecasting capabilities
  • Replenish stores, DCs, hub-stores and dark stores with the right amount of inventory at the right time in anticipation of omni-channel demand that could be fulfilled from every possible source.
Take dynamic inventory optimization to the next level

Take dynamic inventory optimization to the next level

  • Achieve better inventory planning at store level by using real-time online orders 
  • Balance lost margin from out-of-stocks and the cost of carrying inventory
  • Calculate optimal inventory levels for each item-store-day
  • Plan for peak-demand or increasing/decreasing inventory demand situations (e.g. Christmas planning) 
  • Determine the optimal re-order points and order quantities taking account of product profitability, strategic considerations, changing demand patterns, and supply chain constraints.

Supercharge your planning

  • Use our tailor-fit capabilities to optimize replenishment decisions to your specific needs
  • Automatically and continuously monitor KPIs
  • Consider demand shift and adapt quickly 
  • See the potential impact of future decisions through what-if analysis & simulations.
Supercharge your planning
Use dark store inventory optimization to meet your omni-customer demand

Use dark store inventory optimization to meet your omni-channel customer demand

  • Manage uncertain future demand in an omni-channel environment 
  • Increase availability of products in each delivery zone 
  • Respond faster to online orders
  • Improve last-mile delivery.

Key Benefits

Maximizes Profitability by Lowering Inventory Levels
Positions Inventory Smartly to Reduce Overall Fulfillment Costs
Fulfills Demand from Every Possible Source
Reduces Lost Sales and Increases Customer Satisfaction
Fits into Your Operating Model and Ecommerce Constraints
Foresee the Potential Impact of Future Decisions with What-if Scenarios
Optimizes Inventory by Anticipating Omni-Fulfillment of Demand
Estimate the Effect of Promotions Considering Cannibalization & Halo

Customer Testimonials

  • Academy Sports Logo Comments

    “Invent Analytics' partnership approach is vastly different from our previous experiences. It changed our mindset. Rather than endless parameter maintenance, Invent Analytics’ economic approach automated more profitable inventory levels freeing business teams to adjust and change strategies based on insights gleaned from Invent Analytics’ science.”

    John Jarrett, VP of Merchant System Operations, Academy Sports + Outdoors
  • Ilker Tunaboyu

    “We were impressed at how quickly we started seeing the benefits of Invent Analytics’ systems. With 1.3% lost sales reduction, inventory days reduced by more than 11% and stock availability increased by 1.7%, we saw a significant reduction in working capital in just five months.”

    Ilker Tunaboyu, Supply Chain and Marketing Planning Director, Migros
  • Eren Camurdan Boyner

    "In the customer-centric future, the requirements for better inventory management, flexibility, and adaptability will increase. For us, the strong support and innovation from Invent Analytics plays a critical role in maintaining our competitive edge in a rapidly shifting environment. By focusing our efforts to create measurable financial impact, Invent Analytics walks with us on the path of delivering significant value today and tomorrow."

    Eren Camurdan, General Manager, Boyner
  • Erdem Özcan

    "Invent Analytics team is always on hand to help us solve issues. They also share our philosophy of continuous innovation. Our partnership with Invent Analytics is an example of perfect teamwork."

    Erdem Ozcan, Supply Chain Director, Gratis
  • Sinan Sefai

    “We value our partnership with Invent Analytics a lot. For us, it’s much more than a client/vendor relationship. We are partners working together to push boundaries in retail operations today and tomorrow.”

    Sinan Sefai, Chief Sourcing and Supply Chain Officer, Mavi
  • Burak Ovunc Email

    "Invent Analytics not only has the right inventory optimization solutions, but their approach and their deep understanding of omni-channel retailing enabled us to adapt and thrive in the omni-channel retail space."

    Burak Ovunc, CEO, FLO

Our customers see results

Reduction in Inventory
Reduction in Lost Sales
Reduction of Waste
Higher Forecast Accuracy

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