AI-Powered Demand Forecasting

Achieve the highest demand forecast accuracy in the omni-channel world

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Omni Demand Forecasting 2

Demand Forecasting

Becoming a future-ready retailer and delivering greater shopping experiences across all touchpoints requires you to put your omni-channel customers at the heart of your operations. 

At Invent Analytics, we focus on your omni-channel customers' world. We use the most advanced analytic techniques and explainable AI to forecast their behaviors at the same granularity that the customers make choices.  

Our AI-Powered Demand Forecasting solution, engineered specifically to help you meet the demands of your omni-channel customers, gives you highly accurate forecasts at all levels of granularity in your demand planning.

By forecasting demand at each location, we position inventory at the right amount at each location so that you can successfully increase your order fulfillment performance and keep your customers happy.

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Why use Demand Forecasting?

Highest Forecast Accuracy at a Granular Level

Highest Forecast Accuracy at a Granular Level

Zip Code Or Store Catchment Area Demand Forecasting 2

Zip-code or Store Catchment Area Demand Forecasting

  • Use online channel data to make accurate decisions to convert which stores into strategic hubs for fast-time deliveries
  • Capture the information about the stages preceding the order stage, most notably search and evaluation of alternatives.

Explainable AI and Fast Learning Algorithms

  • We use explainable AI and advanced demand forecasting analytics to increase your confidence in the decisions and forecasts generated by our Demand Forecasting solution. We provide the key components of the forecasts (including promotions, special events and other factors affecting demand) and enable you to see the root causes of changes in the forecast.
  • By exploiting advanced machine learning algorithms built specifically for retail and slow-moving inventory, we give you the ability to drill-down and analyze forecast deviations.
Explainable AI and Fast Learning Algorithms
Fulfillment Based Forecasting

Fulfillment-based Forecasting

  • Predict how, when and where your omni-channel customers want their orders to be fulfilled 
  • Determine the right amount of inventory required in your stores and distribution centers to meet customer demand.

Demand Sensing

  • Detect demand shifts quickly and adapt to changing demand 
  • Handle Covid-like high volatility environments effectively 
  • Enable autonomous inventory planning with more accurate forecasts
  • Improve customer satisfaction by responding quickly to consumers’ evolving needs.
Demand Sensing 2 (1)
Better Planning 2 (1)

Better Planning

  • Greater visibility into the future for better planning 
  • Improved short-term and long-term prediction quality 
  • Insightful customer behavior analysis, including return patterns 
  • The ability to do cross-channel testing
  • Oversight of the impact of omni-channel promotions.

Key Benefits

Reduces Lost Sales by Increasing Availability and Fulfillment Options
Helps Achieving High Demand Forecast Accuracy
Uses Return Forecasting as a Future Source of Supply for Replenishment
Makes Cross Channel Testing Analysis and Customer Behavior Analysis
Provides Details for Regional Demand Characteristics
Makes Better and Faster Analysis of the Forecasts
Uses Explainable AI to Drive Interpretable Results & Decisions
Pro-actively Adapts to Changing Customer's Demand Patterns

Customer Testimonials

  • Maksym Tipukhov (1)

    "Invent Analytics’ sophisticated, cloud-based forecasting solution that leverages AI is perfectly in line with our desire to enhance our demand planning, allowing us to be more proactive and innovative in the new retail world."

    Maksym Tipukhov, Demand Forecasting Director, Fozzy Group
  • Bulent Gurcan

    "Our supply chain has to be efficient. We have two main KPIs: #1 have the product on shelf and #2 days of inventory. These are highly sensitive parameters and Invent Analytics provides this efficiency for us."

    Bulent Gurcan, CEO, Gratis
  • Ilker Tunaboyu

    "We were impressed at how quickly we started seeing the benefits of Invent Analytics systems. With 1.3% lost sales reduction, inventory days reduced by more than 11% and stock availability increased by 1.7%, we saw a significant reduction in working capital in just five months."

    İlker Tunaboyu, Supply Chain and Marketing Planning Director
  • Burak Ovunc Email

    "With Invent Analytics, we have accelerated our demand forecasting, allocation, replenishment capabilities significantly. Invent Analytics not only has the right inventory optimization solutions, but their approach and their deep understanding of omni-channel retailing enabled us to adapt and thrive in the omni-channel retail space."

    Burak Ovunc, CEO, FLO

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