Dynamic and Competitive Price Optimization

Make well-informed, profit-optimal pricing decisions for every product

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Dynamic And Competitive Price Optimization
Dynamic And Competitive Price Optimization (1)

Dynamic and Competitive Price Optimization

Pricing will always be a core capability and profit lever for retailers. With our Dynamic and Competitive Price Optimization, we help you embrace the new dynamics of the omni-channel retail world. We help you boost profits by optimizing the pricing of each product over its lifetime with the goal of attracting and retaining customers with larger baskets and higher customer lifetime value. 

We empower you to build dynamic competitive pricing that helps you set and achieve the right price every time. We also enable you to optimize your response to price changes to competitors’ price changes.

With dynamic and competitive retail price optimization, you can achieve better matched prices for all region/store customer characteristics and respond smartly to competition with automatically updated prices.

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Why use Dynamic and Competitive Price Optimization Solution?

AI Powered Pricing Decisions

AI-powered pricing decisions

  • Generate effective pricing decisions using our AI-powered engine which estimates price-elasticity uniquely for each product; taking account of attributes, cross-product effects, and competitor activities
  • Use AI-based self-learning and adaptive forecasts to make price change recommendations
  • Increase your profitability with AI-driven, proactive, and precise pricing decisions.
Increased Store Traffic

Strategic price optimization, effective promotions, increased store traffic

  • Establish successful pricing strategies for key value and margin-driver items 
  • Price key products of customers with large baskets for traffic building
  • Identify promotions that bring promo-seekers to the store for the first time rather than encouraging pantry-building by existing customers.

Achieve maximum overall category profitability

  • Use cross-price elasticity for optimization of total category bottom-line
  • Evaluate own and cross-price elasticity within category
  • Define halo and cannibalization effects of product price changes on other SKUs.
Achieve Maximum Overall Category Profitability 2
Store, Region, And Channel Specific Dynamic Price Optimization

Store, region, and channel-specific dynamic price optimization

  • Make pricing decisions based on the granular understanding of demand at any level of the business including digital and physical channels, chain, region, and store level.

Full lifecycle pricing aligned with your unique competitive strategy

  • Dynamic and Competitive Price Optimization autonomously classifies products into various stages of product lifecycles and deploys algorithms that align with your unique competitive strategy.
Full Lifecycle Pricing Aligned With Your Unique Competitive Strategy 2
Optimal Real Time Responses To The Relevant Competitors’ Prices

Optimal real-time responses to the relevant competitors’ prices

  • Optimally respond to competitor prices moves at any frequency by taking their prices, promotions and sales data into account 
  • Identify competitive elasticity effect on demand considering competitors’ physical store and digital channel pricing needs.

Key Benefits

Set Dynamic Prices to Boost Profitability
Establish the Right Pricing Strategy for Each Product Category
Offer Pricing to Attract and Retain Customers with Higher CLV
Take Advantage of Store/Region/Channel Specific Price Optimization
Compete Smartly – Not Just Simple Rule-Based Matching, But Optimized, Competitive Dynamic Pricing

Customer Testimonials

  • Teknosa Logo Comments

    “Invent Analytics’ Dynamic Competitive Price Optimization solution positions all our products optimally in response to market conditions and competitor actions. In alignment with the strategies, we have defined for different product groups, Invent Analytics’ solution allows us to optimize both the short term and the long-term profitability and the transaction count.”

    Duygu Bayram, Customer Experience, CRM & Analytics Group Head, Teknosa

Our customers see results

Increase in Revenue
Higher Gross Margin Dollars
Increase in Conversion Rate

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