Increase your omni-channel profitability by rebalancing inventory across locations

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Transfer Optimization

Our Transfer Optimization solution lets you rebalance inventory across locations for maximum efficiency. 

By moving products from underperforming locations to other locations where demand is higher, you minimize lost sales and markdown losses.

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Why use Transfer Optimization?

A Complete Store Transfer Optimization 2

A complete store transfer optimization

  • Transfers products from underperforming locations to the stores with higher probability of sales 
  • Solves capacity imbalance between stores to create space for new products
  • Transfers inventory from stores approaching season-end to stores that are still in high-season
  • Manages aging stock by transferring inventory from stores to retail outlets or consolidation stores.
End To End Integration With Pricing And Replenishment 2

End-to-end integration with pricing and replenishment

  • Foresees markdown and promotion plans to create momentum for full-price sales 
  • Eliminates unnecessary new purchases
  • Automatically blocks pointless transfers when there is inventory at the DC
  • Optimizes number of inbound and outbound packages and destination stores and respects broken size/assortment rules.

Achieve maximum sales uplift with minimum logistics and operation cost

  • Invent Analytics uses AI to compute the computing expected benefit probability for each product and every transfer (origin-destination) pair
  • It identifies the optimal transfer plan with the highest conversion of transferred inventory to sales at the destination
  • It optimizes the total cost of transfer using probabilistic sales uplift.
Achieve Maximum Sales Uplift With Minimum Logistics And Operation Cost 3
Support New Store Openings And Store Closings

Support new store openings and store closings

  • Carry the inventory from closing stores to the best possible locations. 
  • Fulfill the inventory needs of a new store by taking account of excess inventory at other stores.

Key Benefits

Maximizes Conversion to Cash and Increases Inventory Productivity
Increases Sales Conversion and Turnover
Proactively Rebalances Inventory Across Locations
Reduces Out-of-stocks & Minimizes Lost Sales
Reduces Markdown Loss & Increases Sell-Through
Reduces Inter-Store Transfer Logistics Costs
Reconstructs Broken Assortment to Bond with Unmet Demand
Increases Effectiveness of New Store Openings and Store Closings

Customer Testimonials

  • Arda Sirin Boyner

    “Transfer Optimization has contributed a 4.8% increase in sales by proactively rebalancing inventory across locations and reducing out-of-stocks. We’ve seen a significant increase in turnover. The markdown loss and logistics-costs are decreased. Importantly, Invent Analytics helped us reach beyond optimizing KPIs and boost our financial performance.”

    Arda Sirin, Supply Chain & Merchandise Planning Director, Boyner
  • Sinan Sefai

    "Invent Analytics’ Omni-Transfer Optimization helps us dynamically manage the inventory imbalance between the stores. We can now sell products with higher turnover, higher GMROI and lower markdowns and lower logistics costs."

    Sinan Sefai, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Mavi

Our customers see results

Increase in Turnover
Reduce Markdown Loss
Increase Sales Conversion of Transfers
Decrease Transfer Logistics Cost

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