This is Invent Analytics.

We are on a mission to profit-optimize your retail supply chain planning with Omni-AI.


We are the change we want to see in retail.

In 2013, we started Invent Analytics to enable retailers to achieve maximum profitability with data-driven Pricing and Inventory Planning. Our Self-Driving Retail solution suite brought a completely different approach to inventory and price optimization.

Today, with Omni-AI, we are helping retailers profit-optimize their whole supply chain and merchandise planning to win in the new world of Omni-Channel Retail.

Meet Our Customers

Invent Analytics Invent Analytics

We are innovators

We are an innovative engineering company with strong ties to academia. It’s in our DNA to solve the toughest challenges of retail and that means looking beyond expected solutions.

Our company founder Gurhan Kok is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of retail analytics. He leads our way towards success and our talented scientific advisors guide us through all our product development efforts.

Every day, we roll up our sleeves to help retailers master their omni - future - in a way that’s profitable. And we are just getting started.

Meet Our Management Team
  • The future of retail is changing and we are shaping it with Omni-AI. Our goal is to transform the retail industry for the better. It’s a big mission - but one we will accomplish by delivering disruptive ways of winning.

    Start Winning with Omni-AI
  • The retail landscape is changing quickly and that traditional systems are failing to adapt to the needs of the new world of retail. To win, you need a fresh way of thinking and new systems. We think big and bold. And today, we are revolutionizing retail with Omni-AI.

    Why Invent Analytics

“Successful retail is both science and art. At Invent Analytics, we take care of the science, enabling our customers to focus on the art of retail.”

Gurhan Kok,
Invent Analytics Founder