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From Spreadsheets to Strategy: How AI Unleashes Indispensable Leaders

AI has emerged as an essential tool for retailers of all sizes, revolutionizing inventory management. Thriving companies have transcended manual processes, such as spreadsheets, recognizing the immense value that AI brings over manual and legacy solutions. By empowering their teams with strategic AI insights, these companies not only gain profit but grow indispensable leaders.

In today’s volatile market, accurate predictions are more crucial than ever. High-pressure decision-making environments strain teams, affecting everyone from Demand Planners to C-suite leaders. The relentless pursuit of bottom-line impact demands smarter inventory management. Balancing inventory effectively and driving these assets with precise forecasts is paramount.

AI decisioning does all the dirty work for you which is truly transformative. AI decisioning elevates forecasting into profit-optimized inventory strategies. The result? Reduced pressure and increased promotions for your team.

If you're feeling the pressure, which is palpable across various roles in your organization, let Invent Analytics’ Chief Revenue Officer, Tav Tepfer, and VP of Strategic Accounts, Lance Menuey, explain how AI forecasting and decisioning can transform your teams, leaving guesswork behind.