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Invent Analytics Conversations: The Future of Omni-Channel Grocery Retail

The grocery retail industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. The omni-channel environment is constantly evolving, and customer expectations are increasing while retail supply chain operations are becoming more complex.

Customer shifts around online, convenience, and healthy lifestyle agendas are creating an extraordinary challenge and a golden opportunity for grocers.

In this The Future of Omni-Channel Grocery Retail podcast, Prof. Gurhan Kok, CEO and Founder of Invent Analytics and Justin Honaman, Head of Worldwide Consumer Products – Food & Beverage, Amazon Web Services get together and answer the fundamental questions that are on grocery retailers’ agenda:

-What do you think today’s consumers expect from omni-channel grocers?

-What should the grocery retailers do well to meet the expectations and win in an increasingly competitive space?

-Today online platforms and apps can deliver orders in an hour or even less. What do you think this means for physical stores in the near future?

-How important do you think it is to make granular, data-driven forecasts in the omni-grocery era?

-What do you think will be key trends shaping the grocery industry in the coming years?

Listen to the full podcast below.