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Enhancing Inventory Optimization with Composable Analytics

In the latest episode of the Martalks Podcast, host Darrell Rosenstein is joined by Gurhan Kok, the founder and CEO of Invent Analytics to discuss how composable analytics like Invent's allow retailers to assemble different tools and technologies to create a solution that meets their specific needs.

Listen to the full podcast below.


                                    Gurhan Kok quote about retailers losing incremental profit each month.


Along with insightful background on how he ended up in the world of retail inventory analytics, Gurhan also touches on some of his commercial strategies, including:

  • Focusing on quick ROI: By focusing on a small number of products or locations to start, retailers can then scale the solution up as they begin to see results.
  • Invent Analytics' willingness to work with imperfect data: The solution uses AI and machine learning to compensate for the lack of data so that retailers can still achieve accurate demand forecasts and optimize inventory levels.
  • Focusing on short time-to-value: Since Invent Analytics can integrate with legacy systems, retailers are able to achieve a quick and implementation so they can start seeing results fast.