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Fashion Retail Planning: Build Your 2022 Roadmap to Omni-Channel Excellence

About the eBook

In 2021, fashion retailers had to tackle many great challenges between the ongoing effects of the pandemic, supply chain shortages and consumers’ rising expectations around omni-channel experiences.

But with every challenge comes an opportunity.

As we look ahead to 2022, we created this eBook to help fashion retail industry leaders understand the key dynamics that will impact their planning strategies and provide actionable insights to help them plan and build their roadmap for the next year.

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-Read high-performing fashion retailers’ case studies to uncover their keys to success.

-Discover how to accelerate your demand forecasting, allocation, replenishment, and markdown capabilities.

-Explore new ways to deliver the omni-channel promise.

-Find out how to predict and optimize every aspect of customer demand and match it with the inventory at the right place.

-Uncover the benefits of an end-to-end approach to planning strategy and execution.

-Learn how to achieve gross profit improvement, lost sales reduction, and better forecasts while solving your omni-channel challenges.  

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What you’ll find in this eBook

Industry Insights

Rethink & Redesign: Fashion Retail Planning Excellence

3 Major Challenges for Omni-Channel Inventory Planning

Do You Have the Demand Forecasting Capabilities to Meet Your Omni-Customers Demand?

How to Forecast Demand Accurately for the Next Season: The Billion-Dollar Fashion Retail Question

Omni-Channel and Retail KPIs: The Good, The Bad and The Future

Case studies, Testimonials

Reinvent for the Future: Omni-Channel Retailing Champions

Iconic Fashion Retailer, Mavi, Achieves 9.6% Revenue Growth with Invent Analytics

Boyner Increases Sales by 4.8% Using Invent Analytics’ Inventory Optimization Solutions

A Major Apparel Retailer Improves Its Revenue by 2.4% and Lowers Markdown Loss by 2% with Markdown Optimization by Invent Analytics

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As we move beyond the crisis mode of the pandemic - into a new paradigm where innovation, AI and advanced analytics have become the foundation for growth and success, we invite you to a profit-optimized omni-future.

If you’re interested in accelerating your retail planning capabilities, check out Omni-Plan to find out how to maximize profitability with better inventory positioning and price optimization.