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Demand Forecasting Pocket Guide for Retailers

In today’s retail climate, retailers need richer and more accurate forecasts to be able to position the right amount of inventory at each location in their network to meet the demand, optimize inventory and pricing decisions, and maximize profit.

Download this free pocket guide to find out:
  • What demand forecasting is in retail industry,
  • Find out what retailers need to do to create better forecasts,
  • Deep dive into why forecast accuracy is more important than ever,
  • Discover why retailers need granular-level demand forecasting systems,
  • And ultimately learn how to forecast demand better.

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Key Points
  • For many retailers, whether they are omni-channel champions or small brick-and-mortar stores, forecasting is king.
  • To make better buying decisions and accelerate allocation and replenishment capabilities, retailers need to forecast demand in different levels of granularity that look at different time frames.
  • When done right, forecasting can become a source of competitive advantage and help retailers meet the customer expectations of tomorrow. And to achieve that, retailers need to leverage modern demand forecasting systems to succeed.