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Inventory Optimization Masterclass: Strategic Insights from Tailored Brands' Award-Winning CTO

Invent Analytics recently teamed up with Scott Vifquain, the CTO of Tailored Brands, a powerhouse in men's fashion across North America, for a deep dive into reshaping the future of tuxedo rental inventory with the smart touch of AI and machine learning.

In our latest Innovate With Invent episode, you'll discover firsthand the unique challenges and innovative solutions that come with managing the ebb and flow of tuxedo rentals, a critical aspect of Tailored Brands' operations. Get an inside look at real-world applications, the dynamic partnership between these two entities, and the tangible benefits they've unlocked. Perfect for anyone keen on the intersection of retail and cutting-edge technology, this session promises insights that could change the way you think about inventory management. Watch and see how they're making strides in such a complex field.