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Dark Stores: A Pocket Guide for Grocery Retailers

Online grocery shopping is booming, and it is here to stay. In the U.S. alone, online grocery shopping reached nearly $90 billion in sales in 2020, an increase of more than $30 billion. The same research tells us that online grocery shopping will push past $100 billion in 2021. By 2023, it will make up 11.2% of total grocery sales in the United States.

Many grocery retailers are now trying to meet increased demand for online delivery. They are expanding their omni-channel capabilities for online ordering and refining their storage and distribution processes. Today the challenge is: How can grocers provide great experiences all the way to each customer’ doorstep?

It all comes down to delivery and the answer lies in ‘Dark Stores’.

Download this free pocket guide to find out:
  • What a dark store is,
  • The challenges of running dark stores from an inventory planning perspective,
  • The benefits of using dark stores.

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