return forecasting guide

A Retailer’s Guide for Returns Forecasting

Retailers have always had to deal with returns. But with the explosion of e-commerce and omni-channel transactions, product returns have increased significantly, especially for soft-line and specialty retailers. As a result, they are now confronted with rising financial losses from returned merchandise and the headaches that come with figuring out what to do with all that merchandise.

While it seems like reducing returns will continue to be a hot topic, there’s a reason why retailers’ focus on robust return forecasting is crucial: returns are expensive.

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  • What to do about return problem
  • Why retailers need return forecasting
  • How retailers can improve forecasting of product returns
  • What to look for in finding the right return forecasting solution
  • How Invent Analytics can help retailers forecast returns

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Key Points
  • Today, mastery of inventory reduction is one area that retailers simply can’t overlook. The reality is that inventory is a major supply chain cost driver with an incredible financial value.
  • Predicting the demand hasn’t been easy and does not seem to be any easier in the future—just the opposite.
  • Retailers need to strike the right balance and make the right inventory decisions to stay ahead in today's ever-changing retail landscape.
  • Finding the optimal inventory balance is no longer simply an enabler; it is a key business process that will determine who will (and who won’t) meet customer demand, improve profits, and build a competitive advantage.
  • Profit optimization opens new doors to increased efficiency and profits. It allows retailers to have a betting strategy that can increase their chances of winning in the game of demand uncertainty.