Video RILA LINK 2022

Highlights from RILA LINK2022: The Retail Supply Chain Conference

Watch our CEO, Gurhan Kok’s RILA LINK2022 interview to find out what is next in retail inventory planning. Discover why future-forward retailers are focusing on accelerating their demand forecasting, omni-aware allocation, and fulfillment capabilities today.

RILA LINK is the place to see the future of the retail supply chain.

It was good to be back at The Retail Supply Chain Conference after two years. The last time we were there in 2020, we won the RILA Startup Innovation Award for Supply Chain.

In this video, find out how retailers can establish a demand-driven supply chain planning process that works both top-to-bottom and bottom-up from the most granular level to deal with supply chain disruptions.

Get a glimpse of how Invent Analytics

-Delivers omni-aware allocation and inventory planning by quantifying retailers’ all supply chain constraints,

-Empowers retailers in all segments to profit optimize their supply chain planning,

-And enables them to reduce lost sales by 20-30% and improve gross profit by 2-5%.