Omni-Network Design

Achieve omni-channel success by optimizing supply chain design and fulfillment network configuration

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Omni Network Design

Omni-Network Design

A Digital Retail Supply Chain Twin for Inventory and Fulfillment Flows

Customers can now choose not just where to buy, but also where to collect or receive their goods. They can also choose how fast they want their orders fulfilled. How well your network responds, depends on how well you plan and how well you fulfill.

The challenge for retailers is to configure their supply chain and inventory positioning to fulfill omni-orders at low cost. Silo-driven perspectives with store KPI's and DC KPI's no longer capture the omni-channel complexity or the multiple roles of stores and DC's. 

The question is: “What network structure best positions your supply chain to fulfill omni-channel customer demand most profitably?”. Omni-Network Design provides the answer.

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Omni-Network Design for an Omni-Channel Future

A Future-Ready Supply Chain Network Design enables you to:

Foresee the impact of DC's, fulfillment centers & hub stores on profitability, fulfillment costs & sell-through
Better position your inventory at hub stores in anticipation of optimized omni-channel fulfillment
Reduce excess inventory at stores that are not close to omni-channel orders
Increase availability and faster delivery to omni-channel orders at lower fulfillment costs
Have better strategic decision-making capabilities with what-if scenarios

Why use Omni-Network Design?

Its Holistic Digital Supply Chain Twin of your supply chain and retail network

  • Enables you to find optimal supply chain configuration, including the optimal number and location of DCs and hub-stores 
  • Helps you overlay supply chain configuration changes with future demand expectations (e.g. increased overall demand or increased online share of sales)
  • Provides AI-powered, profit-optimized inventory decision-making for allocation, replenishment, and forecast driven fulfillment from DCs to stores.
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Its Optimal Network Design Builds On An Accurate Representation Of How You Plan And Execute To Enable You To

Identify the optimal network design that builds on an accurate representation of how you plan and execute.

  • Evaluate the impact of supply chain and network design choices on the total cost of fulfillment and inventory costs, sell-through, lost sales, and net profitability
  • Decide which locations in your network are better positioned to provide services to online fulfillment
  • Make profit-optimized allocation and replenishment decisions for stores and DC's 
  • Oversee the right inventory levels in different stages of a season
  • Optimize fulfillment of customer orders for any combination of DC's, hub stores, stores, and supply chain parameters (such as lead-times and replenishment frequency)
  • Serve the customer of the omni-channel future.

It gives you full visibility that enables you to:

  • See the impact of the network and supply chain configuration decisions on your financial performance
  • Make better supply chain strategy decisions.
It Gives You Full Visibility That Enables You To 2
Its Simulations And Measurements Help You

Its simulations and measurements help you:

  • Optimize fulfillment, supply decisions, and flows for for each and every customer order
  • Foresee fulfillment costs, inventory levels, net sales and profitability
  • Use alternative configurations and measurements for current and future demand levels and mix.

Our customers see results

Gross Profit Improvement
Increase in Revenue
Fulfillment Cost Reduction
Inventory Decrease
Higher Sell-Through
Lower Markdown Loss
Higher Net Promoter Score


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What Our Customers Say

  • Burak Ovunc Email

    “With Invent Analytics’ Omni-Network, we were able to move from 62 omni-store network up to 360 omni- store network to be able to obtain 2.7% improvement in their annual sales revenue. That also means around 17% improvement in shipment duration while obtaining 1.1% additional gross profit and 0.9% additional net profit without any additional inventory.”

    Burak Ovunc, CEO, FLO

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