Minimize fulfillment costs and maximize inventory availability with forecast driven, profit-optimized fulfillment of omni-customer orders

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From where should a retailer fulfill omni-customer orders, given different inventory levels at stores, hub-stores, and DCs? 

The lowest fulfillment cost option is possible, but it may hurt availability for future orders in that store/demand area. 

The highest inventory location may be an option, but the fulfillment cost might be too high. 

DC is usually the cheapest option, but then it runs out of inventory for replenishment too quickly. 

Minimizing split shipments might be preferred to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, but it does not account of for fulfillment forecasts from all alternative locations and future inventory availability. 

Omni-Fulfillment provides the optimal answer that maximizes retailers’ profitability. It reduces fulfillment costs today while increasing availability and delivery speed in the future by taking fulfillment forecasts into account.

It reinvents retailers’ supply chain with a fulfilment engine that meets changing needs, now and in the future.

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Omni-Fulfillment for an Omni-Future

Characterizes the financial impact of pulling inventory from each location
Gives the optimal answer to “fulfilll from where?” by financial optimization of conflicting KPI's
Lowers fulfilllment costs for both current and future customer order
Reduces overall split shipments and lowers logistics costs
Increases inventory availability and delivery speed in the future
Increases customer satisfaction and net promoter score from fulfillment.

Why use Omni-Fulfillment?

Real-time financially optimized order fulfillment

  • Forecast driven fulfillment decisions balancing today’s fulfillment costs vs. future availability of inventory to all the customers
  • Increases net profitability of your omni-network by financially optimizing conflicting KPIs
  • Maximizes the utilization of inventory in a financial optimization framework
  • Minimizes fulfillment costs through dynamic optimization of today vs the rest of the season 
  • Provides a real-time, integration-to-order management systems.
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Forecast future fulfillment

  • By product-day-store/catchment area 
  • With an end-to-end perspective to be more proactive 
  • To make future-looking fulfillment decisions.

Delight your omni-customers

  • Fulfill your orders effectively, while improving speed, efficiency and responsiveness
  • Meet your omni-customers’ growing demands 
  • Find the most profitable inventory transaction point, from storage location to customer’s delivery location.
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Our customers see results

Reduce Fulfillment Costs
Increase in Revenue
Lower Inventory Carrying Cost
Increased Sell-Through
Higher Net Promoter Scores


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