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June 2024 Huddle Card (4)

From Spreadsheets to Strategy: How AI Unleashes Indispensable Leaders

Worried about AI taking over your job? It's time to shift that perspective. AI isn't here to replace you – it's here to do the dirty work, taking tedious tasks off your plate so you can focus on what truly matters.

Weather Driven Demand Webinar Card

Seasonal Success with Weather-Driven Retail Strategies

Discover how extreme weather influences retail inventory and consumer behavior in our webinar with Planalytics, highlighting advanced analytics and practical strategies for improved supply chain efficiency.

May 2024 Huddle Card (1)

Returns Redefined: Leveraging AI-Decisioning to Increase Profitability

Discover AI’s role in optimizing retail returns for increased profitability. Watch expert insights on smarter returns management.

April 2024 Huddle Card (1)

Behind the Seams: Overcoming Allocation Challenges in Apparel Retail

Discover expert strategies for mastering inventory allocation in apparel retail, as our latest "Innovate with Invent" unveils practical insights for optimizing stock levels and enhancing profitability.

March 2024 Huddle Card (2)

Decoding AI in Retail: Forecasting vs. Decisioning for Retail Growth

Learn why a forecast, even one enhanced by AI, falls short without the strategic integration of AI decisioning.

Feb 2024 Huddle Card

Inventory Optimization Masterclass: Strategic Insights from Tailored Brands' Award-Winning CTO

Learn how Invent Analytics and Tailored Brands enhanced tuxedo rental inventory management with AI and ML, leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction in our latest webinar.

Dec 2023 Huddle Card

2023 Unwrapped: AI Innovations in Retail and Predictions for 2024

In the final 2023 Innovate With Invent huddle, we review the year's major retail trends, focusing on AI-driven changes, industry challenges, and strategies for future innovation.

Sept 2023 Huddle Card V2

Lower Markdown Losses and Achieve Higher Sell-Through by Leveraging AI and Advanced Analytics.

Our retail experts shed light on how an effective markdown strategy empowers retailers to make data-driven decisions that result in lower markdown losses and higher sell-through rates. 

Tailored Brands Uses AI Card

Tailored Brands Leverages Invent Analytics' AI to Optimize Inventory Management

Discover the future of menswear retail as Tailored Brands leverages AI to revolutionize inventory management. With pinpoint forecast accuracy and precise inventory planning, they've amplified product availability, sales, and profitability, while dramatically reducing stock-outs, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Video August 2023 Huddle

Elevate Retail Success With Our Phantom Inventory Solution

Why are retailers losing sales because of missing or misplaced stock, inaccurate inventory data that doesn’t align with on-hand availability and unnecessary stockouts? In the latest edition of Innovate With Invent, Jonathan Alves, VP of Strategic Accounts, and special guest Tav Tepfer, Chief Revenue Officer at Invent Analytics tackle the issue of phantom inventory that plagues retailers worldwide.

July 2023 Huddle Card

Find Out Why a Better Demand Forecast in Retail Isn’t the Answer

Are you constantly striving for excellence and seeking the elusive balance between inventory investment and an exceptional customer experience? Are you hitting your KPIs but not seeing an impact on your financial performance? Learn the 3 most common issues retailers face when it comes to overcoming the challenge of conflicting KPIs that don't align with their financial goals.

June 2023 Huddle card

Omni-Channel Is the New Customer Expectation - What It Means for Inventory

We shed light on 3 key areas retailers should be focusing on as they strive to provide the perfect balance in managing their inventory and providing the flexibility their customers expect.

Video May 2023 Huddle

Why Inventory Planning Should Report to the CFO

Inventory planning teams are now finding themselves reporting to the CFO. Why is that? Learn the 3 main reasons for this reporting structure that provides a major competitive advantage to retailers' inventory management.

Video April 2023 Huddle

Recession or Not - Retail Needs to Be Ready

We review 3 key questions all retailers should ask themselves to prepare for a potential recession to effectively utilize existing inventory, proactively respond to customer demands, and plan ahead to positively impact business in 2023.

Video March 2023 Huddle Card

How Economic Challenges Are Impacting Inventory Strategies in 2023

Retailers are facing challenges in managing their inventory due to the current economic conditions. Despite the challenges, there are opportunities for retailers to navigate these issues.

Video NRF 2023 (1)

Top 3 Highlights from NRF 2023

We take a step back to digest what we heard from various retailers at this year's NRF Show and share our top 3 key takeaways for successfully managing inventory in 2023.

FLO Testimonial Card

Customer Testimonial: Burak Ovunc, CEO of FLO - One of Europe’s Largest Footwear Retailers

Watch FLO’s CEO Burak Ovunc’s video to find out about how FLO reduced lost sales by 12%.

Company Video Card (1)

Retail Planning Solutions for a Profit-Optimized Future

In the new world of retail, omni-channel has become the gold standard for success. At Invent Analytics, we empower our retail clients to deliver the omni-channel promise and embrace an end-to-end approach to their planning strategy and execution.

Highlights From RILA Card

Highlights from RILA LINK2022: The Retail Supply Chain Conference

An Interview with our CEO: Highlights from RILA LINK2022, The Retail Supply Chain Conference

2022 Trends David Video Card

Trends and Predictions for Retailers in 2022

What will 2022 look like for the retail industry?

What are the key planning predictions for 2022 that retailers should be aware of now?

What are the top planning trends to expect in 2022?

Video Bill Franks

How Can Retailers Take Advantage of Advanced Analytics Across Their Entire Supply Chains?

We asked Bill Frank's opinion on how retailers can take advantage of advanced analytics across their entire supply chain and use data to gain a competitive advantage.

NRF2022 Video Card

Meet Invent Analytics at NRF 2022!

Are you attending NRF2022? Meet omnichannel retail inventory and price optimization solutions provider, Invent Analytics in NYC.