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Retailers Reduce Their Carbon Footprint Using Invent Analytics’ Forecasting and Inventory Planning Solutions

Green retailing is the new black.

As an environmentally responsible company, Invent Analytics is not only working for the present, but also investing in a green future. Every day, the company makes a positive difference in the world by helping its customers become more sustainable retailers. Through its AI-Powered Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning solutions, Invent Analytics helps retailers become more proactive, and reduce food waste and their carbon footprints.  

Retailers collaborating with Invent Analytics take a step forward in creating a healthy planet. As a company that profit-optimizes inventory planning for retailers, Invent Analytics is committed to help retailers become more sustainable through its advanced retail planning solutions.

Sustainability is the future.

Today, sustainability is everyone’s business. And for retailers, increasing sustainability requires a rethink of their inventory optimization, waste management and marked-down products.

“Retailers should not have to choose between being profitable and saving the world. We’re in a place right now where most retailers prioritize sustainability initiatives,” says Ozgur Karabulut, Head of Solutions, Partner at Invent Analytics. “The fact is that reducing waste through better forecasting and planning is probably one of the fastest and highest ROI initiatives they can do to lower their carbon footprint,” he added.

Reducing Waste and Carbon Footprint: A Journey to a Green Future

Reducing carbon footprint means fewer carbon emissions going into the atmosphere, which means slowing down climate change, preserving our environment, and making better use of our planet’s resources.

In 2023, our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint is as strong as ever. In large-scale rollouts within Fresh Food Categories, our clients have achieved a waste reduction of as high as 30%. Using our AI-powered Demand Forecasting and Replenishment Optimization solutions, our clients make more intelligent, data-driven replenishment decisions that lower the risk of overstocking, reduce waste at stores and fulfill their environmental responsibilities.

“Over the past year, we have taken bold steps to be a driver of change for environmental sustainability within our industry,” said Ozgur Karabulut of Invent Analytics. “We’ll continue our efforts to become eco-friendlier and more sustainable in the future."

Read our recent pocket guide "Earth Day 2023: How to Reduce Fresh Food Waste" to find out how we help retailers address the food waste problem and prevent it.

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