Webinar Omni AI For Omni Retail

Webinar - Omni-AI for Omni-Retail

On-demand webinar I Recorded on Aug 18th 2021 I Duration 50 minutes

Profit-optimized inventory management to win in the new world of retail.

The retail industry is witnessing a paradigm shift. The forecasting and planning solutions built for the old world of retail do not support retailers to win in the new complex omni-channel world.

During this webinar Gurhan Kok, PhD, Founder and CEO at Invent Analytics, and Jiri Nechleba, a retail industry expert, discussed how retailers can win in an omni-future with a profit-optimizing, integrated inventory management approach.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn:

  • How you can orchestrate your entire supply chain with network design, replenishment, allocation optimization, and order fulfillment unified under one framework
  • How profit optimization frees up your team from managing conflicting KPI’s and endless parameter maintenance
  • Boost your financial performance. Increase profit margins with better positioning and flow of inventory.

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