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Invent Analytics will be at Groceryshop Spring Meetup 2022

During May 10-12, 2022, we’ll be at Groceryshop Spring Meetup to meet grocery retail industry leaders. The three-day event brings together a large group within the Grocery/CPG industry virtually to address various topics such as creating an agile grocery supply chain, meeting consumer demand, and building faster fulfillment capabilities.

Why Meet Invent Analytics at Groceryshop Spring Meetup?

Today retailers need smart, future-ready inventory optimization systems.

At Invent Analytics, we help retailers profit-optimize their inventory planning and deliver significant financial improvement with our AI-powered, omni-channel inventory and price optimization solutions.

By making every inventory decision based on highly accurate granular forecasts, we help them to optimize inventory and maximize profitability. Learn more about Invent Analytics’ inventory planning solutions.

Profit-Optimize Your Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning with Invent Analytics

If you’re attending Groceryshop Spring Meetup this year, schedule a 1:1 meeting with our retail experts to discuss your forecasting and inventory management needs.

Find out how we can help you stay ahead of the competition and discover how a true partnership can help you strive for inventory efficiency, reduce lost sales and grow profitably in the omni-channel era.

Leading Retailers Trust Us to Drive Results

Over 30 retailers worldwide work with Invent Analytics to accelerate their demand forecasting, allocation, replenishment, and markdown capabilities. 

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