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Register for our exclusive webinar, "Seasonal Success with Weather-Driven Retail Strategies," with Planalytics here!


Invent Analytics Wins RetailTech Breakthrough Award for “Return Management Innovation of the Year”

PHILADELPHIA—April 25, 2024—Invent Analytics, an award-winning global retail planning solutions provider, proudly announces it has won “Return Management Innovation of the Year” in the 2024 RetailTech Breakthrough Awards, an annual program that highlights the world’s best companies, products, and services in the retail technology industry. Invent Analytics was honored for its AI-driven Returns Positioning solution that enables omni-channel retailers to optimize the returns process for greater efficiency and profitability.

The RetailTech Breakthrough Awards aims to perform the most comprehensive evaluation of retail technology tools, services, and companies today. With nominations coming in from innovators around the world, the program honors those that break through the crowded marketplace. Invent Analytics stood out for helping retailers leverage AI technology to overcome the rising complexities and costs of managing omni-channel returns. Invent Analytics’ Returns Positioning solution optimizes the returns process through: 

  • Intelligent rerouting: AI automatically determines the optimal position for each returned item in real time 
  • Profit maximization: Inventory is placed where it has the highest probability of selling with the lowest routing cost
  • Future returns forecasting: Return pattern forecasts to support proactive planning and efficient inventory allocation

“While omni-channel has become the new standard, many retailers still manage returns based on simplistic rules. This outdated approach cannot handle the sheer volumes or complexities of omni-channel returns, and retailers end up with misallocated goods, lost sales, unnecessary liquidations, and lower profits,” said Tav Tepfer, Chief Revenue Officer, Invent Analytics. "At Invent, we offer a better way and we can go live in just a few weeks. Our Returns Positioning solution uses AI-decisioning to analyze every possible variable, then instantly determines where to route each returned item to give it the highest probability of reselling for the most profit before the season ends.”

Notably, Invent Analytics’ Returns Positioning solution offers rapid implementation, and retailers see results in as little as 90 days. By leveraging the solution, Invent Analytics’ clients have successfully:

  • Increased sales by 25-50% through quicker reintroduction of returned items to the sales floor
  • Increased profitability by sending items to where they have the highest likelihood of resale
  • Reduced liquidations by 2-5% by optimally positioning inventory to decrease on-hand units at end of season

Tepfer continued, “We’re very excited to be named a winner in this year’s RetailTech Breakthrough Awards. Our team looks forward to continuously delivering innovative, AI-driven solutions that ensure our retail clients are well-equipped to satisfy the demands of modern consumers.”

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