Teknosa, A Leading Electronic Goods Retailer, Reduces Lost Sales and Increases Gross Profit with Invent Analytics

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Store and DC Replenishment Optimization Transfer Optimization Assortment Optimization
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Number of Employees 2.377
Number of Stores 205
Number of SKUs 16.000+
Number of DCs 15

The Teknosa customer success story at a glance

Teknosa is a leading electronics retailer providing its customers omnichannel shopping experiences through its physical stores, online and mobile platforms. The retailer offers a wide assortment including the latest consumer electronics and household appliances serving millions of customers everyday.

Teknosa had big ambitions to build on its success. To make well-informed, profit-optimal inventory decisions, maximize availability and create customer-centric assortments, the retailer needed superior inventory planning capabilities.

After surveying the retail planning technology market, Teknosa selected Invent Analytics due to the company’s advanced scientific experience and in-depth know-how in the retail industry.

The retailer rolled out Invent Analytics’ Store and DC Replenishment Optimization, Transfer Optimization and Assortment Optimization solutions and reduced lost sales, increased sales, and profit margins.

Choosing Invent Analytics

Teknosa chose Invent Analytics for its expertise in electronics retail inventory optimization and ability to profit-optimize every single replenishment, transfer and assortment decision.

Significant lost sales reduction
Gross profit improvement
Invent Analytics
  • Emre Kurtoğlu

    Partnering with Invent Analytics has been a truly transformational experience for us. Superior replenishment capabilities and demand-based assortment planning have been a huge value and margin-driver for Teknosa.

    Emre Kurtoğlu, Deputy General Manager, Teknosa

The challenge: Increased Availability. Reduced Lost Sales.

To stay at the forefront of electronics retailing, Teknosa wanted to achieve greater forecasting accuracy and manage inventory more efficiently.

The retailer aimed to accelerate its inventory optimization capabilities to be truly data-driven and take advantage of AI-based advanced analytics processes to make their supply chain planning future-proof. To achieve these goals, Teknosa needed robust, proven inventory optimization solutions.

Invent Analytics
  • Duygu Bayram Teknosa

    Invent Analytics’ advanced AI-powered, margin-driven technology had all the capabilities we needed to increase our supply chain efficiency. We have automated and streamlined our planning team’s daily work, empowering them to focus on more value-added tasks. In addition, their collaborative partnership approach was truly a game-changer, helping us to become a future-fit electronics retailer.

    Duygu Bayram, Customer Experience, CRM and Analytics Group Head, Teknosa

The Impact

Maximized availability and reduced out-of-stocks with advanced replenishment

With Invent Analytics’ Store and DC Replenishment Optimization, Teknosa profit-optimizes its replenishment decisions taking the guesswork out of store and DC replenishment.

Today, the retailer can monitor KPIs automatically and continuously and adapt to demand shifts while planning for peak demand or increasing/decreasing demand situations.

As a result of the dynamic and smart positioning of inventory, Teknosa takes dynamic inventory optimization to the next level and continuously maximizes high stock availability and inventory turnover.

Store transfer optimization integrated with replenishment

Using Invent Analytics’ Transfer Optimization solution, Teknosa transfers products from underperforming locations to the stores with a higher probability of sales while solving the capacity imbalance between stores. By identifying the optimal transfer plan with the highest sales conversion of transferred inventory, the retailer achieves maximum sales uplift with minimum logistics and operation cost.

Customer-centric, localized assortments

Invent Analytics’ Assortment Optimization enables Teknosa to make efficient, store-level optimal assortments and locally match each store’s product selection to customer preferences. It helps predict product, brand, and category trends across product attributes, optimize the shelf space to maximize availability and minimize excessive inventory.

Key Results
Increased Sales. Better Customer Service. Maximized Revenue.

With Invent Analytics, Teknosa achieved remarkable business results, reduced lost sales significantly, and increased gross profit.

Invent Analytics
Key Achievement
Winning IDC Turkey Analytics Transformation of Business Award

In 2019, Teknosa received the IDC Turkey Analytics Transformation of Business Award in Big Data & Analytics category. The IDC Turkey Awards honored Teknosa’s achievements in the retailers’ advanced analytics journey.

Invent Analytics

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