Fiba Retail Group Accelerates Its Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning Capabilities for GAP and Marks & Spencer

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Brands GAP, Marks & Spencer
Number of Stores 80
Number of SKUs 30.000

GAP and Marks & Spencer success story at a glance

With a strong presence in Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, Fiba Retail is among the leading retail groups in Eastern Europe. Holding the franchise rights of GAP Marks & Spencer and Banana Republic, the retailer serves its customers through its wide retail network of 175 stores and e-commerce channels.

To continue its sustainable growth, Fiba Retail aimed to have superior omni-channel capabilities. To determine the optimal stock level for each sales channel, reduce overstocks, and ultimately create a better experience for their customers for two global brands, Fiba Retail needed modern, AI-powered demand forecasting and inventory planning solutions. 

Fiba Retail rolled out Invent Analytics’ Demand Forecasting, Allocation Optimization, Replenishment Optimization, and Transfer Optimization Solutions for GAP and Marks & Spencer brands in Turkey. As a result, the leading retailer has reduced out-of-stocks and inventory, drove sales, and improved gross profit.

Key benefits:

  • Increased availability
  • Reduced lost sales
  • Enhanced buying decisions
  • Improved inventory planning
Invent Analytics
  • Batur Can FIBA

    With Invent Analytics, we have accelerated our demand forecasting and inventory optimization capabilities tremendously. Their tailor-fit, AI-powered planning solutions and expertise in the retail industry enabled us to improve availability and reduce lost sales.

    Batur Can, General Manager, Fiba Retail Turkey

The challenge

Making optimized inventory decisions across the entire product life cycle

In the past, Fiba had to deal with unbalanced stock when the demand was too low, causing lost sales. Managing the demand at a size level was a burdensome task for Gap and Marks & Spencer planning teams. The retailer wanted to improve their inventory planning processes and have a flexible planning system to cover demand in peak periods.

Fiba needed a predictive inventory planning system to reduce the time and effort spent on reactive processes and manage their entire product life cycle efficiently -from the initial allocation to transfers between stores.

Choosing Invent Analytics

After evaluating multiple vendors, Fiba selected Invent Analytics to optimize its inventory planning processes for two major brands.

“Invent Analytics has tremendous retail-specific experience and know-how acquired over the years through their partnership with many prominent brands in fashion retail. Their software excellence combined with their teams' unparalleled experience leaves almost no room for their clients to worry about their inventory planning,” says Batur Can, Fiba Retail Group.

A partnership approach with continuous support

“For us, one of the most appealing parts of working with Invent Analytics is their gradual approach to inventory management. In addition, Invent Analytics’ continuous support approach makes a huge difference in our business,” adds Batur Can. 

A team of top-notch data scientists and software engineers continuously deliver new tailor-fit capabilities to Fiba. They work with Gap and Marks & Spencer planning team to identify opportunities to improve system performance and enable Fiba to easily manage retails numerous ups and downs.

Bilkent Marks & Spencer Store

The Impact

Future-ready, AI-powered demand forecasting

Using Invent Analytics Demand Forecasting, Fiba was able to generate highly accurate forecasts for GAP and Marks & Spencer and position inventory smartly at the right amount at each sales channel.  As a result, the retailer was also able to reduce costs by eliminating risks and unnecessary markdowns by making more informed inventory decisions.

Advanced allocation and replenishment optimization

Fiba experienced a huge impact on stock availability in all their sales channels thanks to Invent Analytics’ Allocation and Replenishment Optimization. In addition, the solutions enabled Fiba to reduce lost sales and upgrade its inventory decisions from a judgment-driven, KPI-measured process to a financial optimization-driven and measured process.

Size-based store to store transfers

Invent Analytics’ Transfer Optimization which weighs all possible parameters into the calculation process, empowered Fiba to make predictive, size-based stock transfers between stores. By rebalancing inventory across locations, Fiba increased its inventory productivity and sales conversion while increasing sell-through.

Key Results

Increased availability, better planning, greater flexibility

Invent Analytics helped Fiba Retail profit-optimize their supply chain planning for Gap and Marks & Spencer brands and achieve significant financial improvement. With better inventory planning, increased availability, and optimal stock levels in their stores, Fiba is now more flexible than ever - which is critical in a rapidly shifting retail environment.

Invent Analytics

The Future with Invent Analytics

In the future, Fiba plans to continue investing in new technologies focusing on meeting their customers’ needs. The leading retailer plans to continue its partnership with Invent Analytics implement Markdown Optimization solution as the next step in their digital transformation journey.

Download the case study and find out how Fiba Retail Group accelerates its demand forecasting and inventory planning capabilities.

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