Develop a Pricing Strategy and Execute with Optimal Prices for the Full Product Line.

Pricing decision is the most important profit driver for any company. Invent`s Price Discovery solutions help companies dynamically and effectively manage pricing decisions. Our solutions are tailored to the unique processes and needs of our clients and incorporate Invent`s deep expertise in customer insights and analytical capabilities. Invent’s Price Discovery solutions integrate advanced analytics, latest scientific forecasting and optimization methods into its decision algorithms to generate maximum profit from the product line across the life-cyle of products. Invent`s Price Discovery covers product lifecycle from buying decisions to initial pricing and markdowns.


  • • Accurate forecasting utilizing Invent Demand-Driven Forecasting
  • • Invent Optimal initial pricing
  • • Optimal timing and depth for markdowns
  • • Incorporate customer preferences, price elasticity and size of different market segments in pricing decisions
  • • Discover cross-product relations for cannibalization and complementarity
  • • Incorporate cross product interaction effects into pricing decisions
  • • Measure the effect of competitors’ prices and develop the optimal competitive pricing
  • • Optimally localize pricing at region, cluster or store level
  • • Find out the effect of psychological price breaks
  • • Integrate pricing with buying, merchandising and allocation process
  • • Provide capability to analyze alternative and what-if scenarios