INVENT’s Demand Planning & Replenishment System INVENT DRX offers an integrated solution to forecast customer demand and manage inventory positions across the store and warehouse network. DRX optimizes product supply and replenishment decisions in order to execute retail’s golden principle: “providing the right amount of the right product at the right location at the right time.” As retailers know too well, demand forecasting and replenishment have a huge impact on profitability. DRX takes inventory optimization to the next level by integrating advanced analytics, latest scientific forecasting and optimization methods into its decision algorithms, thus generating actionable insights from data. DRX sets profit-maximizing reorder points for all SKU/store and SKU/ warehouse combinations by balancing the tradeoff between inventory holding costs and lost sales margins. DRX enhances inventory performance through better inventory turnover and reduces lost sales and markdowns, maximizing company’s profitability in the process.

Goal Oriented INVENT DRX offers an intuitive and well-designed user interface, which enables users to modify the replenishment strategy and decision parameters as needed. DRX’s flexible design helps users make the necessary adjustments to meet company’s strategic goals.

Custom Design & Development System features are customized to fit the unique needs of the users. These include, but not limited to, min/max shelf quantities, case packing types/ sizes, vendor constraints, product sets and lead time variability.

Big Data DRX does not only use the historical sales data but also utilizes the publicly available and customer-specific information such as weather forecast, calendar effect, merchandise calendars and product properties.

Lost Sales Monitors and reports lost sales and stock-outs; incorporates this information into demand forecasting for more accurate estimates of future demand.

New products Recommends initial inventory position targets for new the products based on substitute SKU information and/or store clusters.

Omni-Channel DRX forecasts omni-channel demand streams at store, region, SKU level and replenishes inventory in order to enable omnichannel distribution.

Multi-Country Supports replenishment decisions for stores and warehouses in multiple countries, providing users with full control of their global inventory through an integrated framework.

Robust Forecasting DRX generates demand forecast at SKU/store level while taking care of outlier detections and effects of one-time events for robust and reliable forecasts. System learns from its past performance and improves its accuracy every day.

Seasonality Determines product seasonality footprint and reacts accordingly in order to increase accuracy of future-demand.

Promotions DRX analyzes how different promotion types effect SKU/store pairs and adjusts estimates of future demand accordingly.

Warehouse Replenishment Offers a truly integrated solution for retailers, combining replenishment planning decisions from stores and warehouses.

Complex network structure Handles complex network relations in the supply chain such as multiple depots, country warehouses, and hub-spoke relationships among stores.

Smart Reports Includes customizable reports of the product’s life-cycle to monitor performance and provide insight.

Compatible DRX can be accessed from any HTML5 compatible device and can be deployed to any current computing platform with Java.

Reliability Understands the mission-criticalnature of replenishment decisions, handles secure and consistent transfer of data by implementing a fail-safe design.