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In The Retail Omni Channel World, Planning Is Now Key To Giving Your Customers A Good Experience.

In the retail omni-channel world, planning is now key to giving your customers a good experience.

Maximize profitability with better inventory positioning and price optimization.

It’s never been more important to understand how your customers use various channels to browse, buy and return goods. If you want to thrive as a retailer, you need to manage your omni-channel supply chain taking into account your customers’ point of demand origination and fulfilment preferences.

We have created our Omni-Plan to better serve the omni-customer and to fit your supply chain and merchandising processes. It will strengthen your inventory management capabilities by making every decision based on profitability and more accurate granular forecasts.

How do we make your planning better?

It starts with adaptive, smart analytics and explainable-AI. We blend your omni-channel processes seamlessly into our inventory and price optimization solutions. This enables you to excel in every interaction with your customers.

AI-Powered Probabilistic Demand Forecasting
Margin-Driven, Profit-Optimizing Science
Tailor-Fit Algorithms
Highly Accurate Demand Forecasts
Profit-Optimized Inventory, Price & Promotion Decisions

Omni-Demand Forecasting

We use AI and use fast-learning algorithms that respond quickly to changing consumer demand patterns. With Omni Demand Forecasting, you can forecast offline, online and omni demand separately at zip code-product-day level. You can also forecast the fulfillment preferences of your customers at zip code-product-day level. Our Omni-Demand Forecasting delivers highly accurate forecasts at all levels of granularity, which makes for better planning. You can also see the omni-channel impact of your promotions.

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Omni-Store and DC Replenishment Optimization

We help you replenish stores, DCs, hub-stores and dark stores with the right amount of inventory at the right time in anticipation of omni-channel demand that could be fulfilled from every possible source. Using Omni Store and DC Replenishment, you can maximize your profitability by lowering inventory levels, reducing lost sales, and positioning inventory smartly to reduce overall fulfillment costs. Our Store and Hub-Store / Dark Store Inventory Optimization enables you to increase availability of products in each delivery zone and respond faster to online orders.

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Omni-Allocation Optimization

We focus on meeting your omni-customers’ fulfillment expectations. We make products readily available at stores for pick up or shipping to customers for the fastest delivery and at the same time avoid overflow inventory to stores. We allocate inventory of the short-life products to stores, mini-DC’s and hub-stores in anticipation of omni-channel demand that could be fulfilled from every possible source. By sending the right amount of inventory to your stores, you reduce left-over risks at stores and early stockout risks at distribution centers. As a result of dynamic and smart positioning of inventory, you get higher sell-through and reduced overall fulfillment costs..

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Omni Allocation
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Markdown Optimization

Markdown Optimization allows you to accurately predict seasonal demand for new products with limited history by analyzing product attributes and markdown products at the option level to maximize revenues. This helps you lower your markdown loss, achieve higher sell through, and gain visibility into end-of-season sales and inventory levels.

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Dynamic and Competitive Price Optimization

We help you boost profits by optimizing the pricing of each product over its lifetime with the goal of attracting and retaining customers with larger baskets and higher customer lifetime value. Have better competitive positioned prices for each region/store customer characteristics and compete smartly with automatically updated prices in response to competition.

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Dynamic And Competitive Price Optimization
Achieve The Highest And Best Use Of Shelf

Assortment Optimization

By leveraging consumer behavior data, our Assortment Optimization solution enables you to locally match each store’s product selection to customer preferences and achieve greater long-term profitability. This includes optimizing local assortments and shelf space allocation to match the product attributes most demanded by that store’s customers. As a result, each store can offer the products that attract and retain customers with higher customer lifetime value.

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Omni-Transfer Optimization

Do you want to increase your omni-channel inventory productivity? Transfer Optimization lets you rebalance inventory across locations for maximum efficiency. By moving products from underperforming locations to other locations where they sell faster, you minimize lost sales and markdown loss.

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Our Customers See Results

Gross Profit Improvement
Lost Sales Reduction
Inventory Decrease
Fulfilment Cost Reduction
Higher Forecast Accuracy


Trusted by leading retailers around the world

Academy Sports
Al Futtaim

What Our Customers Say

  • We’ve started seeing project benefits in a very short time. We saw significant improvements in in-stock and lost sales. We have achieved higher regular and promo sales, higher margins, and lower aged inventory, all of which led to a material gross profit contribution in our ROI.

    John Jarrett, VP Merchant System Operations, Academy Sports + Outdoors
  • “With Invent Analytics AI-powered inventory solutions, we have achieved an 11% reduction in inventory days, alongside a 1.7% increase in inventory availability, from 96 to 98%, across our entire retail and supply footprint.”

    Özgür Tort, CEO, Migros & Global Co-President, Consumer Goods Forum

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