With Omni-AI, we make retail smarter, more connected and future-ready.

An integrated, Profit-Optimizing Supply Chain Solution Suite that helps you win in an omni-future.

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It’S One Thing To Dream Up New Omni Channel Supply Chain Solutions For Retail. At Invent Analytics, We Also Deliver Them.

It’s one thing to dream up new omni-channel supply chain solutions for retail.
At Invent Analytics, we also deliver them.

Our unique approach to supply chain integrating your network design, planning and fulfilment helps you to navigate in the new omni-retail era and thrive.       

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3 Pillars of Omni-AI

Omni-AI for Strategic Planning, Operational Execution and Daily Fulfillment

One-stop shop for evaluating, planning, executing and optimizing your supply chain operations leveraging AI and advanced analytics.

Omni-Network Design

An optimal omni-channel supply chain and fulfillment network that’s flexible and efficient.


Get the right products into the hands of your omni-customers, at exactly the right time and place.


How Omni-AI Works

  • Omni-Customer

    We put your omni-customers at the heart of what we do. What do they want? Where do they want it? And how fast do they want it?

    Omni Customer
  • Omni-Forecast

    We predict the omni-demand across all
    channels. By using probabilistic forecasting of
    sales, ship-to-home and BOPIS transactions we
    help retailers reduce lost sales, inventory carry
    costs and customer returns.

    Omni Forecast
  • Omni-Lost Sales

    We characterize the impact of stockouts
    and slow-delivery as omni-lost sales.
    Our system calculates expected lost sales
    for any decision-making process and
    minimizes lost sales probability.

    Omni Lost Sales
  • Omni-Profit

    By connecting the dots in your supply chain,
    we combine all your KPIs in one metric -that
    is omni-profit which includes the true cost of
    stockouts, inventory carry costs, fulfillment
    costs and Net Promoter Scores.

    Omni Profit

A/B Test Proven Client Results

Gross Profit Improvement
Lost Sales Reduction
Inventory Carrying Cost Reduction
Fulfillment Cost Reduction
Higher Forecast Accuracy

Key Benefits

A fast path to A/B Test Proven Profit maximization

Generate 100's of basis points of higher profitability through more sales, better availability, faster response to customers, lower fulfillment costs, and improved Net Promoter Scores.

Optimized Planning and Fulfillment for Omni-Retail

Predict and profit-optimize every aspect of customer demand and match it with inventory at the right place or from the right place.

One Unified Solution Suite to manage your supply chain effectively

Create an efficient supply chain network design, profit-optimize inventory management and optimize order orchestration dynamically in real time.

Delight your Omni-channel Customers with Omni-AI

Move your supply chain management capabilities to the next level and deliver fast, flawless omni-channel customer journeys for your customers.



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